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Performance management in hospitals Study of the exogenous and endogenous determinants of efficiency in public and private hospitals. Analysis of organizational models and performance measurement with reference to public hospitals. Cost analysis and cost effectiveness analysis of innovative models of taking care of the patient. The employed research methods are both quantitative and qualitative. Performance management
Performance management
Variables of efficiency in the management of public utilities Study of operational and environmental variables that influence the efficiency of local public service management companies, in particular with regard to the management of water services, the management of water purification and the management of waste collection. Among the determinants can be recognized the ownership structure, the company size, the population density served, the degree of vertical integration and the type of user served. The employed research methods are mainly quantitative (e.g. Data Envelopment Analysis - DEA). Performance management
Performance management
Measuring and reducing the environmental impacts of wastewater treatment Study of the environmental impact of the wastewater treatment service, considering the tools for measuring the energy costs of the treatment plants of these waters, aimed at seeking greater efficiency. The method adopted is the double bootstrap analysis, employed to defining the variables with a significant influence on the system and to be used as control indicators in the design of the monitoring the costs and the energy expenditure of the water services. CSR, sustainability and business ethics
CSR, sustainability and business ethics
Governance in water services Study of the European water cooperatives for the evaluation of the possible differences in performance between the operators organized in the form of a cooperative and those with a more "traditional" governance, such as the municipal companies, the joint-stock companies with private partners, the private public partnerships (PPP). The performance measures observed are, among others, the tariff, the planned and realized per capita investments, the ability to collect financial resources from banks and other lenders. Analysis of the corporate governance models of European water cooperatives, mapping some of the main decision-making processes. Extension of the cooperative model applied to water services to other European countries or regions, in addition to those in which it is already widespread, identifying any conditions necessary for its adoption. Corporate governance and strategy
Corporate governance and strategy

  • Comitato scientifico del Corso di Perfezionamento e di Aggiornamento Professionale in Strumenti di Valutazione delle Performance per il Governo Aziendale (sede di Vicenza)

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member Consiglio dei Corsi di Laurea e Laurea Magistrale con sede a Verona
member Consiglio dei Corsi di Laurea e Laurea Magistrale con sede a Vicenza/Consiglio Didattico del Polo Scientifico Didattico di "Studi sull'Impresa"
Personale Docente del Dipartimento di Economia Aziendale

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