Professional Master's programme in Project management


This project is aimed at the professional figure known as the Project Manager and puts a particular emphasis on the sectors of building and plants, although other areas are also studied. This particular area applies mainly to companies that work by being contracted such as, to give an example, building firms or road engineering companies, companies that deal with civil and industrial plants, engineering companies. A Project Manager ( PM) is someone who organizes procedures , with reference to technical data ( the engineering aspects of the project, planning, activity coordination, offers, management checks when work is underway, budget checks and margins of payment, payment) which defines each specific contract. The ability to work effectively in these two fields and the capacity of being able to apply them rationally to the work of managing the contract, is what determines to a great extent the professional nature of a PM. The aim of the training project is to provide all the necessary skills for those who wish to do the job of Project Manager (PM) providing support and the wherewithal for a professional career which, starts from a low management level, which is not done in total autonomy, and which is a job of limited value, but then progresses until the manager is someone who works completely independently and on projects of great importance.

1st Level University Master as Project Manager Per maggiori informazioni: Sito del master

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1 years
MASTER - Classe per i Master (ateneo)
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Comitato Scientifico del Master in Project Management
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Alberto Roveda
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Operational unit Short Master Courses, Advanced Courses and Professional Development Courses Unit
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Law and Economics
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