Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Economics (category 17)(Vicenza) (until 2008-2009)

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This three year degree in "Company Economics and Administration" makes an in depth study from a methodological point of view of the themes related to the structure and operational dynamics of companies. This enables students to acquire the knowledge and skills which are indispensable for the critical analysis and interpretation of those matters being looked into, especially from a company or a legal viewpoint. Fundamental themes related to administration and control will be further studied in considerable detail,with particular reference to the methodological aspects required for understanding and interpreting the actual contexts of small and medium-sized firms. The students are offered the opportunity of having work and educational experience with institutions that are approved by the University.

Course details

3 years
17 - Undergraduate degree in economics and business management studies
Controlling body
Collegio didattico di Economia Aziendale (dismesso il 30 settembre 2018)
Reference Department
Business Administration
Other Departments
Economics Law
Macro area
Law and Economics
Disciplinary area

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