Master’s degree in Business Management (Vicenza)

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The Master’s Degree in Business Management aims to provide graduates with the tools to undertake managerial careers in industrial and services companies, as well as in management consulting companies. More specifically, it intends to train graduates enabling them to work in for profit and no-profit organizations, initially assuming the role of assistant managers and, progressively, of senior managers, as well as of business consultants.
The course offers specific knowledge about business strategy, management, organizational planning and management control providing graduates the right skills to become professionals that are ready to enter the job market.
The training of graduates in Business Management is multidisciplinary in order to allow them to approach the job market via several job opportunities across different functional areas 
The student acquires the key competences through a first common year, based on a strong multidisciplinary approach, in which topics include law (intellectual property and antitrust law), economic (industrial economy and innovation), quantitative (quantitative models for business management) and management (business strategy, governance and financial reporting of groups) areas.
In the second year, two curricula are organized in order to train students in different professional fields, while preserving a common teaching philosophy.
The “Strategic Management” curriculum deals with the strategic management in a broader sense through the study of disciplines related to organizational planning, analysis of competition and innovation, social responsibility and management control.
The “Service Management” curriculum deals with the strategic governance of companies that operate in the services industries such as retail, tourism and non-profit, with a focus on service quality and relationship marketing.
Traditional teaching is integrated through different ways across most of the courses. For instance, professionals are invited in classrooms, project works are organized and developed by students, company visits and other activities are organized in order to develop students' soft skills.
The course takes place in Vicenza thanks to the agreement between the University of Verona and the Fondazione Studi Universitari di Vicenza (in English language: Vicenza University Foundation) (signed in 2009/10 and renewed in 2014/15).
The employment opportunities include management, administrative and strategic planning and control positions within the industrial and service organizations as well as within management and strategic consulting firms.

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2 years
LM-77 - Classe delle lauree magistrali in scienze economico-aziendali
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Collegio didattico di Management e strategia d'impresa
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Giorgio Mion
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