Master’s degree in Economics and Data Analysis

Laurea magistrale in Economics and data analysis
Access type
Subject to entry requirements
Enrolment deadline
October 15, 2020
1st Installment
338 euro
2nd and 3rd Installment
To calculate the second and third instalments, please see the student Fees Guide at

How to enroll

Step 1 – Apply
 1. Read the Call for applications carefully. Please note: this summary does not replace the original Call for applications, which candidates are expected to fully know at the time of their registration for the Call.
2. Register on ESSE3. If you have already registered, please use your login details. For problems logging in, go to: To complete your registration, you will be required to scan and upload a valid ID document.
3. Register for selections on ESSE3 and upload the documents required in the Call for applications, necessary to enable the University to carry out the Eligibility Check and calculate your average mark.
4. From the ‘payment’ dashboard on ESSE3 make the payment of your registration fee via PagoPA.

Step 2 - Eligibility Check

5. Once the check of your documents and entry requirements by the relevant Teaching and Student Services Unit is in progress, your status will appear as ‘IN VALUTAZIONE’ (In progress). Once the check procedure has been completed, you will receive an email with the results of the Eligibility Check.
6. If you meet the entry requirements, the Selection Committee will calculate your average mark according to the criteria set out in the Call, and will prepare the list of students eligible for admission (graduatoria).
7. Check the ‘graduatoria’, or list of students eligible for admission. You status will appear as one of the following:

  • Ammessa/o (vincitrice/vincitore) - Eligible and admitted: you have been included among the admitted applicants, and therefore can submit your application for enrolment by the deadline and in the ways set out in the Call for applications, or in the subsequent selection notices.
  • Non ammessa/o ma idonea/o - Eligible but not admitted: you have not been admitted, nor rejected. This means that, despite not being selected in the first round, there are still places available, and you might still be selected at a later stage of the selection process, in accordance with the procedures set out in the Call for applications. Please check the relevant updates and selection notices and, if admitted, you will be able to submit your application by the deadline and in the ways set out in the selection notice.
  • Respinta/o - Rejected: you have not reached the minimum score set out in the Call for applications, therefore you will not be able to enrol in the degree programme.
Step 3 – Enrol

 8. If you are on the list of eligible students (graduatoria), or if you have been selected at a later stage of the selection process, enrol on ESSE3 by the deadline set out in the Call for applications, or in the notice of selection. To complete your enrolment you will need to scan and upload a passport photo. Should you need help, please see 'How to add your photo'.
9. On your ‘Payment dashboard’ on ESSE3 pay the first instalment of your student fees via PagoPA, by the deadline set out in the Call for applications or in the selection notice.
10. Wait for confirmation email. Please note: you will not receive the confirmation email immediately, since the Enrolment Office will need to process and check your documents and qualifications before confirming your enrolment.
Students with disabilities and SLD/learning disabilities
Admission tests for limited-entry degree programmes are organised taking into account the needs of candidates with disabilities or SLD/learning disabilities, and their right to take part in the tests on a fair and equal basis. For more information: Inclusion and Accessibility.     

Extra-Eu Students
  1. If you have been pre-admitted (applications were accepted until 31 March 2020), you can submit your application to the local Italian Embassy or Consulate on UNIVERSITALY:;
  2. check with the International Student Desk of the University of Verona whether your qualification is suitable for entry to your chosen degree programme; 
  3. proceed with your enrolment;
  4. wait for confirmation of enrolment email.

Admission Requirements

1) Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree (in Italian: Laurea Triennale) or three-year university degree. Applicants who have not already graduated shall apply as long as they earn their degree by 31 December 2020; candidates who have graduated more than 10 years ago may be admitted on condition that they pass an entry test to check their preparation, to be administered by a specially appointed Selection Committee.  
As regards Bachelor’s students who apply despite not having already graduated, in order to have their enrolment confirmed, they will need to:
- obtain their Bachelor’s/three-year university degree no later than 31 December 2020;
- have taken and passed all the core modules of their study plan (i.e. compulsory modules with marks being awarded, e.g. on a 30-point scale for Italian exams).
2) Language requirements: a good command of English (at least CEFR B2 level) is essential. In the absence of a language qualification/certificate of language proficiency issued by an accredited institute, the applicant may prove their level of English by declaring that they have taken and passed an English exam at CEFR B2 level at their university, and by attaching a copy of the relevant syllabus.  
3) SSD requirements: the applicant will be expected to meet the following SSD (Scientific-disciplinary sectors) requirements:
- 12 CFU (ECTS credits): from SECS-S/01 to SECS-S06; from MAT/01 to MAT/09;
- 48 CFU (ECTS credits): from SECS-P/01 to SECS-P/13; from SECS-S/01 to SECS-S/06; INF/01; from IUS/01 to IUS/17 and IUS/21; from MAT/01 to MAT/09; from FIS/01 to FIS/08; from ING-INF/01 to ING-INF/07; from ING-IND/03 to ING-IND/20, or from ING-IND/23 to ING-IND/27; from ING-IND/31 a ING-IND/35, or from SPS/01 to SPS/14.
The University will allow a tolerance of up to 10% in the number of CFU credits for one or more SSD groups, as long as the overall number of credits amounts to 60.
Please note that all the degree programmes offered by the School of Economics and Management at the University of Verona cover the above SSD. As a result, graduates from these programmes automatically meet the above SSD requirements, and therefore will not need to undertake any Eligibility Check.
4) Mark average: candidates shall be considered eligible for admission provided that they have obtained in their three-year degree programme, a weighted average of marks from compulsory modules equal to or greater than 21/30, or equivalent grade. 
Candidates with a mark average below 21/30 may also apply, and will be allowed to enrol after successful interview with a specially appointed Selection Committee. The date of the interview will be notified later. 

PLEASE NOTE: students falling into the categories below will NOT need to register for the Eligibility Check: 
- University of Verona students intending to change degree from another Master’s degree in Economics — will need to contact the Teaching and Student Services Unit - Economics (;
- candidates holding a foreign degree as their main qualification for this application — will need to contact the International Student Desk ( 
The ‘Substitutive declaration of certification and/or affidavit’ form that graduates and students about to graduate from other universities must complete, will be made available at the start of the next enrolment session. 

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