Degree in Economics and Service Industry Management (Cat. 17) (until 2008-2009)

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business history

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Sergio Noto
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1st semester dal Oct 2, 2006 al Dec 19, 2006.

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The course aims to provide the “institutional” background knowledge required to comprehend economic reality through the historical facts. An understanding of the events which characterised economic life, an awareness of the closely related economic theories, political choices and historical facts, and the need for an informed approach to understanding economic data are both prerequisites and objectives for the course.
During the three years, the course intends to complement business and theoretical economic disciplines by providing students with the information which will enable them to develop their critical thinking skills and to tackle the major economic themes from a wide-ranging perspective.


1. Aspects of method: how economic history complements and verifies theoretical economics
2. The characteristics of Italian capitalism
3. The most significant moments of economic growth in Italy
4. The role of individual, private and state entrepreneurs
5. The obsolete structure of Italian capitalism. Dualism and emigration.
6. Institutions and the ruling class in Italy from Fascism to the Rupublic
7. The credit system and finance
8. The Italian stock exchange system
9. Investments and innovation
10. Political consensus and economic development
11. The role of small and medium sized enterprises
12. State investments
13. Competition, markets, monopoly and oligopoly
14. Comunication, information and enterprise.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
R. Giannetti, M. Vasta Storia dell'impresa industriale italiana Il Mulino 2005 88-15-1056

Assessment methods and criteria

oral examination

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