Master's degree in Applied Economics

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Applied Macroeconomics (2006/2007)

Course code
Silvana Malle

Teaching is organised as follows:
Unit Credits Academic sector Period Academic staff
lezione 1 3.5 SECS-P/01-ECONOMICS 1° sem lez Silvana Malle
lezione 2 1.5 SECS-P/01-ECONOMICS 1° sem lez Angelo Ferro

Learning outcomes

The intent of this course is to contribute to shape the skills required to analytically apply notions and principles of macroeconomics that have been previously acquired in undergraduate macroeconomic education


Lecture 1. Professor Silvana Malle

Economic stability and sustainable growth in a comparative perspective

(a) Methodological aspects of applied economic analysis. The requisites for economic stability and sustainable growth are discussed, in particular, with reference to the public accounts, the balance of payments, monetary policy and exchange rate regimes.

(b) Comparison between the different performance of diverse economies on the basis of historical and current data.

(c) Qualitative assessment of short and medium term economic projections produced by different international economic organisations.

Lezione 2. Professor Angelo Ferro

International and global economic perspectives

(d) From the national to the international policy maker.

(e) Globalization from an economic phenomenon to a pervasive one.

(f) Development of the Asian economies, with reference to Japan, China and India.

Reading list

Detailed reference literature will be provided in the course of the lectures and seminars and will be published in the Department of Economic Science website. Publication on line of Professor Ferro’s lecture outlines on his website.

Assessment methods and criteria

An individual written paper no longer than 20 pages to be presented in power point and discussed with the teacher and the student audience in the exam session established soon after the conclusion of the course. Joint papers are allowed. In this case, grading will depend on the quality of the paper as well as that of the presentation.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
BLANCHARD O. Macroeconomia Il Mulino 2006 8815106901
FERRO Angelo Schemi delle lezioni pagina WEB prof. Ferro A. 2006 (1) per la Lezione 2 del prof. Ferro

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