Degree in International Business Studies (Vicenza) (until 2008-2009)

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International Industrial Economics (2007/2008)

Course code
Riccardo Fiorentini

Teaching is organised as follows:
Unit Credits Academic sector Period Academic staff
Lezione 1 5 SECS-P/01-ECONOMICS 2° sem lez Riccardo Fiorentini
Lezione 2 5 SECS-P/01-ECONOMICS 2° sem lez Emanuele Giovannetti

Learning outcomes

Aim of the course is to give students the knowlegde of the main determinants of international trade among Nations.
The distributive effects of international trade that are the main cause of protectionisms will be also analyzed


The Ricardian model of comparative advantages
The Heckscher-Ohlin model
The "general" model of international trade and the concept of "terms of trade"
Imperfet competition and the intra-industry trade
The international mobility of labour and capital

Textbook: Krugman-Obstfeld, Economia Internazionale, vol 1, 4 ed. , Pearson 2007
Cap: 1-7

Assessment methods and criteria

The final exam consists in a written test with optional oral exam (subject to the achievment of positive mark in the written test)

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