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Data Visualization Laboratory

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Marco Minozzo
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Learning outcomes

The course "Data Visualization Laboratory" is an optional "type f" activity, which allows to students to obtain 3 CFU, once a final examination is passed. In particular:

- The course is open to all CdL and CdLM students in economics and business administration; in particular to second and third year CdL students.

- The lessons will take place in a computer laboratory (46 seats).

- Requests for participation will be considered following the registration order; CdL students will have priority over CdLM students.

- The frequency to the classes is compulsory. Students are required to attend at least 2/3 of the exercise lessons/tutorial activity in order to be admitted to the final evaluation.

- The course consists of 18 hours of exercise lessons and tutorial activity (plus 2 hours of final examination).

The tentative calendar of the course is the following:

Friday 9 November 2018, hours 14:00-18:30, room LAB.SMS.8 (Federica Fragapane);
Friday 16 November 2018, hours 14:00-18:30, room LAB.SMS.8 (Federica Fragapane);
Friday 7 December 2018, hours 14:00-17:30, room LAB.SMS.3 (Dario Pasetto);
Friday 14 December 2018, hours 14:00-17:30, room LAB.SMS.4 (Dario Pasetto);
Friday 21 December 2018, hours 14:00-17:30, room LAB.SMS.4 (Dario Pasetto).

Teacher: dott. Federica Fragapane
Teacher: dott. Dario Pasetto

Registrations are open from the 13th of October 2018 to the 8th of November 2018.

Please, register through the elearning platform.


In recent years, Data Presentation has established itself as the eighth most requested skill on LinkedIn. At the same time, Tableau and Power BI have established themselves as the reference software for data visualization in the modern data science. In addition to providing an intuitive environment for managing, manipulating and displaying significant amounts of data, these software also provide an easy interface with MATLAB and R, useful for more complex analyzes. The program of the course includes some lessons on Data Visualization conducted by dott. Federica Fragapane, and some lessons on the software Power BI conducted by dott. Dario Pasetto.

The program of dott. Federica Fragapane is the following:

Introduction to Data Visualization (case studies, examples of visual models, sites for inspiration and reference).
Creation of a presentation in PowerPoint to analyze and explore a theme of interest through data visualization.
Selection and analysis of data with the software Excel.
Exploration of visual models (realization of first hand drafts).
Introduction to the use of RAWGraphs (an online data visualization software).
Selection of data and creation of graphs.
Preparation of a presentation with the realized graphs (with focus on writing short explanatory texts that guide the interpretation).

The program of dott. Dario Pasetto is the following:

Managing and structuring data for Power BI.
Power BI capabilities and models of data visualization.
Implementation of a data visualization model with a dashboard.

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Assessment methods and criteria

The final examination will consist in an oral discussion of the presentations created during the course.

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