Master's degree in International Economics and Business Management

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Bases of data visualization. A software-free introduction

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Angelo Zago
Angelo Zago
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Learning outcomes

The course will provide an educational module in English for 2 ECTS (CFU), that is 12 hours
of classes, addressed to CdLM students in International Economics & Business Management and
finalized to the Introduction to Data Visualization. The module will be ideally linked to teaching
of International Industrial Policy of the CdLM in International Economics & Business Management.


Data visualization is an important ingredient of any empirical science as it “forces us to notice what we never expected to see” in a given dataset.
The course, through examples and case studies, shows that graphical methods can be powerful tools for revealing not only the structure of the data, but also patterns and (ir)regularities, groups, trends, outliers, etc.
The course will be taught by Prof. Christophe Bontemps (Toulouse School of Economics). Major topics to be touched by the course are the following:
- data visualization for data analysis;
- data visualization as statistics, to question the data;
- data visualization as a tool for communication, i.e., as a “visual language”;
- data visualization for complex or high-dimensional datasets;
- data visualization with dynamic and interactive tools.
Classes will be given in Sala 1 (Polo Vicenza) in the following dates:
October 23, 2019: 8.00-11.00;
October 24, 2019: 9.00-12.00;
October 25, 2019: 9.00-12.00;
October 28, 2019: 8.30-11.30.

Assessment methods and criteria

Recognition of educational credits (CFU) of type D (free choice activities): the training activity requires a commitment corresponding to 2 ECTS.
The recognition of credits is subject to attending classes and to passing of a final final exam consisting in:
- applying the concepts learned during the module to a database chosen by the student, and
- the preparation of a summary report of the analysis carried out (about 2000 words).

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