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Leading change - 2019

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Angelo Zago
Angelo Zago
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Topics include theories behind the study of leadership in the context of change management process. Emphasis is placed upon development of effective styles of leadership.
The main goal of this course is to provide an intellectual and experiential forum that examines leadership challenges in change management process. To understand what leadership is, what makes a good leader. To gain an understanding of how to lead an efficient and effective team. To understand how managers may develop the relevant leadership skills to evolve in their roles.
To acquire a good understanding of managerial perspective. Explain the leadership concept and display critical awareness of current developments in both the theory and practice. Understand and assess key risks for change management process. Develop a system of analysis of circumstances, relationships and events in which to then critically prescribe appropriate leadership models.


In class lectures will be used along with blended learning techniques. Online video material may be used along with regular feedback sessions with solutions and worked examples provided. Case studies will be introduced.
Topic 1. The critical link between leadership and management
Topic 2. Personality insights & leadership styles
Topic 3. Situational leadership
Topic 4. Leading change: participants, strategies, and selling skills
Topic 5. Summary of the course

Modalità d'esame

The course is intended for students of the Master of Science in International Economics and Business Management.
Access to the course is guaranteed to a maximum of 30 participants, after registration using the form that will be made available online at LimeSurvey.
Hourly commitment required: 8 academic hours.
Period: Second semester a.y. 2019/20

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