Master’s degree in Marketing and Corporate Communication

Creativity and marketing innovation

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Elena Giaretta, Alessandro Garofalo
Elena Giaretta
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primo semestre (lauree magistrali) dal Oct 5, 2020 al Dec 23, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

The course aims to analyze business creative processes, highlighting their connections with marketing and innovation, with particular attention to product innovation.
Within a theoretical framework that sees creativity as a primary intangible resource to face and promote change, manage problem solving and generate innovation, the reasoning is articulated on different levels, individual, group and organizational, in which it can be declined the development of creativity.
At the end of the course, the student will have acquired: - a basic knowledge of the paradigms of creativity and innovation in marketing; - method indications (mental and technical approaches) to creatively carry out any professional activity, even beyond the marketing sphere, and to develop the creativity of a work team; - awareness of the personal skills to be equipped to generate innovation and change.


Product innovation
- A multidimensional concept
- The importance of product innovation
- Product innovation and competitiveness
- The determinants of product innovation: Novelty, Resolution, Elaboration
- Product innovation and organizational creativity
- The obstacles to product innovation. Not only costs and risks: the brakes to change and creativity killers

Organizational creativity
- The three-dimensionality of corporate creativity: individual, group and organizational factors
- Where good ideas come from: long time, collision, connection and creative failure
- The principles of creativity: breaking of the paradigm, paradox and multisensoriality
- Creative thinking and creative process
- Techniques for developing creativity
- Managerial approaches and soft skills for the creative marketing manager

Marketing and innovation
- The marketing strategies of innovation: timing and positioning
- Product development: from concept generation to market launch
- Creativity and words: the choice of the name, a complex activity
- The role of marketing tests
- Leadership in marketing teams: from leadership of one's ideas to innovation leadership

(update to 30/06/2020 - The program may be subject to changes)

Assessment methods and criteria

The teaching methods and assessment of learning will be illustrated as soon as there is more information on the context rules necessary to resolve the provision of teaching in the next academic year.

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