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Risk management

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Barbara Gaudenzi
Barbara Gaudenzi
Settore disciplinare
Lingua di erogazione
primo semestre (lauree magistrali) dal 5-ott-2020 al 23-dic-2020.

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The scope of the course is to describe principles, methods and practices for risk management. In coherence with the international standard 31.000/2009, theoretical and practical risk management approaches and tools for assessing (following the phases of risk identification, measurement and evaluation) and mitigating risks are described both in the strategic, operational and financial perspective. At the end of the course, students should be able to: - address key strategic and operational risks into different functions and processes within a single organization and along a value chain, - measure the risk exposure and to select the appropriate tools for managing a risk portfolio. These competences are relevant for managers and researchers in the fields of management and economics. Business cases and case studies will complete the program.


The topics of the course are:
– The risk management process (risk assessment and control)
– Risk management in SME (Small and Medium Enterprises)
- Risk management and corporate governance
– Financial Risk management and Enterprise Risk Management
– Risk management in processes: Supply Chain Risk Management
– Crisis Management, Business Continuity Management

The Course is structured in lessons, working groups and case studies
The Course will run between October and December 2020.

Borghesi Antonio, Gaudenzi Barbara, "Risk management. How to assess, transfer and communicate critical risks", Springer Verlag, 2013

Other documents will be provided on the e-learning platform.

Testi di riferimento
Autore Titolo Casa editrice Anno ISBN Note
Borghesi Antonio, Gaudenzi Barbara "Risk management. How to assess, transfer and communicate critical risks" Springer Verlag 2013

Modalità d'esame

The exam is written. Online registration is needed.
The exam will run in the days and classrooms that will be indicated in the calendar, respecting the general rules indicated for the academic year 20/21.
The grade is based on the final exam and the project work, which will be assigned during the course.
The exam includes theoretical open questions and multiple-choice questions.
The project work consists of the development of a business case and adds a maximum of 3/30 points to the final grade.

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