Master’s degree in International Economics and Business

Business & predictive analytics for international firms with Excel applications - 2020/21

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Angelo Zago
Angelo Zago
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Learning outcomes

The training proposal concerns the activation of a didactic module in English for 2 ECTS (12 hours of online lectures), aimed at MSc International Economics & Business (Management) students. It is aimed at introducing some Business & Predictive Analytics applications using Excel for the analysis of some problems of international firms. The module will ideally be linked to the course of International Industrial Policy of the MSc in in International Economics & Business Management.


The module (in english) will be taught by Prof.ssa Maria da Conceição Andrade e Silva - Católica Porto Business School and will cover the following topics:
1. The concept of Business Analytics (what is it?, why is it needed?, what is it good for?, how can we implement it? (1 hour)
2. Descriptive analytics (3 hours)
2.1. Visualization, exploration and data analysis
2.1.1. Pivot Tables
2.1.2. Dashboards
3. Predictive analytics (4 hours)
3.1.Predictive models (from causal models to time series models)
3.2. Excel tools for predictive analytics with practical international examples (what if analysis, scenario manager, data tables) using OECD data.
4. Prescriptive analytics (4 hours)

Assessment methods and criteria

The recognition of credits is subject to the attendance of the scheduled hours of lessons and the passing of a final test consisting in the application of the concepts learned during the module to a database chosen by the student and the preparation of a summary report of the analysis performed ( about 2000 words).

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