Bachelor's degree in Business Innovation and Economics

Bachelor's degree in Business Innovation and Economics

Diritto dell'innovazione d'impresa

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The course focuses on technical-legal, contractual and corporate issues, in both technological and non-technological innovation. It deals with: - intercompanies cooperation tools (such as consorzi, joint-ventures, networks of companies, etc.) and their role in the development of innovation processes and dynamics; - any kind of research and development agreement and public-private partnership connected to the activation of these processes, as well as innovative SME and innovative start-up company ( also in the form of Srl) regulatory framework. The course aims to let the student be fully aware of the implications of company law and aspects related to industrial innovation and the incentive to design, providing the conceptual and methodological basis for a correct interpretation of the subject.

Finally, students are supposed to show deep knowledge of these items, and they should know how to consciously and correctly use both specialist legal language, and legal reasoning method.

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