Master’s degree in Management and business strategy

Master’s degree in Management and business strategy

Organizational Design and Digital Transformation

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The course aims to provide students with the knowledge related to the methodologies and analysis tools suitable for interpreting the organizational structures and operational mechanisms present within the various companies. Particular attention will be devoted to the theme of the digital transformation, namely how information and communication technologies (ICT, Information and Communication Technologies) are changing processes, organizational structures, and company operating mechanisms. The theoretical approach refers to the main organizational theories including transaction cost theory, agency theory, contingent and situational theories, the theory of resource dependence, institutional theory, the knowledge-based view. Part of the course will be dedicated to the development of skills in Human Resource Management. In fact, digital transformation requires aligning the skills of Human Resources with new needs. We will, therefore, provide knowledge on the alignment with the organizational strategies of all the HRM phases: research, selection, development, and remuneration of human resources. This course will allow the student to develop an organic and complete view of the topic of organizational design both at an intra-organizational level and at an inter-organizational level. Ample space will also be dedicated to issues relating to Decision Making and the role of information technologies both in organizational design and in the context of Decision Making.

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