Master’s degree in Management and business strategy

Master’s degree in Management and business strategy

Labor and welfare law

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The course aims to provide students with a specialized knowledge on the most important principles and institutions of employment law, trade union law and social security law. Students will learn the discipline concerning the constitution, the execution and the termination of the employment relationship and the trade union law and the social security legal system. The course will privilege a close link between legal discipline and its practical application, with particular reference to judicial statements. Moreover, the course aims to help students gain the abilities necessary for legal reasoning and appropriate use of employment law vocabulary. The students will be autonomously able, through the databases, to find and consult the legal and contractual sources of labour law and the judicial statements. The students will also gain the ability to solve the main problems related to the management of individual and collective employment relationships and to the social security system, using the acquired specialized knowledge. They will therefore learn how to manage the human resources. In addiction, the students will became able to deal with employment law problems, using an appropriate vocabulary.

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