Master’s degree in Management and business strategy

Master’s degree in Management and business strategy

Sustainable business models (SBMs)

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Learning outcomes

The course aims to give to the students the knowledge of corporate sustainability (economic, social and environmental) and social responsibility topics, of the different kind of business models for sustainability (such as circular economy models, benefit corporations among the others) and of the main international standards and management and reporting tools presently available, in a context of stakeholder relationships and engagement. In reply to sustainable development, organisations are asked to change their business models and to widen the boundaries of their measurement and reporting practices, in compliance to recent institutional and regulation changes (such as the ONU’s Sustainable Development Goals –SDGs - or the recent regulation on benefit corporations and on non-financial reporting). At the end of learning process, students will know and be able to implement the sustainability business models, and to apply the international standards and tools to plan, manage, control and report sustainability issues in different organisational contexts; they will be able to structure an hypothetical process of implementation of the different models in a firm and to assess the quality of management and reporting tools already adopted by the firm.

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