Master’s degree in Economics and Data Analysis

Master’s degree in Economics and Data Analysis

Local Economic Development

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The course introduces the concept of Local Economic and Community Development defined in a multidisciplinary and holistic perspective. The course is also based on a wide range of case studies and introduces students to the main theories of growth and economic and social development. It also describes the factor markets fostering the development process including also the relevance of public and environmental goods paying special attention to the smart governance of communities, the collective decision making mechanisms, and the sustainable management of land and environment. At the end of the course students should be able to: apply impact evaluation tools based on the use of Social Accounting Matrices augmented to account for information on the employment structure of each economic sector, the impact on environmental sustainability, migration and worker mobility; demonstrate that have acquired in-depth applied knowledge and understanding of relevant economic concepts; develop solid judgment autonomy and high communication and learning skills in order to apply such knowledge to the solution of major local development problems both at national and international level.

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