Master’s degree in Economics and Data Analysis

Master’s degree in Economics and Data Analysis

International business and management

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The aim of the course is to analyse international business and management in a comprehensive and complete framework, presenting the challenges of globalization. The course in divided into two parts: A and B. In the first part (part A) after introducing the relevance of culture, politics, law and business ethics students will learn the main economic systems and trends. They will understand the benefits of the main regional economic integration and the importance of FDI. In the second part of the course (part B) students will understand the influence of globalization to companies and their economy at a micro level point of view. Internal processes from production to logistic, from sales and marketing to human resource management will be analysed. Students will learn and discuss about the organization and management of both multinational enterprises (MNE) and SMEs, that are the backbone of Italian economy. The course will consider the internationalization process both on the strategic and operative point of view, giving students the ability for preparing a detailed analysis on both costs and revenues. Terminology, economic and organizational theories, adequate examples and case study will be given to students (also beginners) in order to approach at the topic with a "real" holistic way. At the end of the course the student will be able: to argue about main opportunities, threats and risks associated to international business; to design and discuss potential paths for developing international business both under the strategic and operative point of view; to critically appraise the benefits deriving from internationalization for big companies and SMEs.

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