Master’s degree in International Economics and Business

Master’s degree in International Economics and Business

International Trade and Economic Development

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Classes will cover the central topics of development economics: the determinants of economic growth, technological progress and its implications for productivity, the distributive consequences of growth and human capital accumulation, inequality, and the effect of increasing openness to trade, regional integration and global imbalances, on these dimensions. Stylized economic models will be used to understand the functioning of the relevant markets (such as the labor market and the markets of goods and commodities) and to assess the role of public intervention on them (focusing on the role of education and health policies, redistribution and trade policies). Furthermore, the course will be strongly characterized by an “evidence-based” approach: data and public reports focusing on development issues (from the World Bank, IMF, OECD, for instance) will be critically assessed upon available scientific evidence. The main goal of the classes is to develop a scientific approach to the critical analysis of data and policies for development, which can be carried forward to analyzing and critically assessing the choices of single firms operating in developed and developing countries. Students seeking positions in firms and public institutes which are active on international markets will also: i) acquire competences that are needed to value the opportunities offered by countries and markets with which Italian firms are broadly interacting; ii) master the tools needed to analyze and critically assess the financial and economic scenario characterizing countries with different degrees of development; iii) be able to evaluate risks and opportunities offered by international markets in a global context. The classes will benefit from the active participation of international lecturers and experts from international organizations.

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