Master’s degree in International Economics and Business

Master’s degree in International Economics and Business

International business and governance

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This course aims at developing the skills in understanding the corporate dynamics towards the development of global business model. Firstly, the course explores the transnational organizations suitable for deploying a global business model, even with the support of case studies. Secondly, the course focuses on the governance mechanisms that allow transnational organizations – in the different forms – to govern the decision-making process. By building on the knowledge about international corporate interactions, the course deals with the global business model’s creation and development. Finally, the course offers a deep understanding of the corporate report suitable to convey the proper representation of the business model performance with the goal to capture its ability to create value. At the end of the course, the student will be able to: - understand different forms of transnational organizations suitable to launch the company toward an international development of its business; - master the governance mechanisms that steer the corporate decision-making processes in transnational organizations; - report the strategic and managerial features, as well as the performance in terms of value creation by the global business models.

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