Bachelor's degree in Company Economics (cat. 17)

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Programme training activities
The training activities with the same number (Nº) are alternatives.
TTA Year Credits Activity Academic year of attendance
1 A Political Economics (macro-economics) - Political Economics (macroeconomics) (SECS-P/01) [Cognomi A-K]
[Cognomi L-Z]
2 A Business Economics and Accountancy - Business Accounting (SECS-P/07) [Cognomi A-K]
[Cognomi L-Z]
3 B Business Economics and Management - Business management (SECS-P/08) [Cognomi A-K]
[Cognomi L-Z]
4 A History of Economics - Economic history (SECS-P/12) [Cognomi A-K]
[Cognomi L-Z]
5 B Statistics (SECS-S/01) [Cognomi A-K]
[Cognomi L-Z]
6 A Mathematics (SECS-S/06) [Cognomi A-K]
[Cognomi L-Z]
7 A Private Law Institutions - Private Law (IUS/01) [Cognomi A-K]
[Cognomi L-Z]
8 B Public Law Institutions - Public Law (IUS/09) [Cognomi A-K]
[Cognomi L-Z]
9 E English (L-LIN/12) [Cognomi A-K]
[Cognomi L-Z]
10 F Basic computing skills - Basic Information Technology Skills 2003/2004
11 F Relational skills, higher computing skills, training, work experience and orientation periods  
12 C Financial Science - Public finance (SECS-P/03) [Cognomi A-K]
[Cognomi L-Z]
13 B Brokerage Economics - Financial markets and Institutions (SECS-P/11) [Cognomi A-K]
[Cognomi L-Z]
14 C Political Economics (micro-economics) - Political Economics (microeconomics I) (SECS-P/01) [Cognomi A-K]
[Cognomi L-Z]
15 B Fiscal Balance Model and Theory - Theory of Financial Statement (SECS-P/07) [Cognomi A-K]
[Cognomi L-Z]
16 B Business Law I (IUS/04) [Cognomi A-K]
[Cognomi L-Z]
17 B Business Law II (IUS/04) [Cognomi A-K]
[Cognomi L-Z]
18 B Mathematics for Economic-Financial Decisions (SECS-S/06) [Cognomi A-K]
[Cognomi L-Z]
19 B Marketing (rudiments) - Marketing (fundamentals) (SECS-P/08) [Cognomi A-K]
[Cognomi L-Z]
20 B Marketing (advanced) (SECS-P/08) 2004/2005
21 B Analysis and Coverage of Company Financial Needs (SECS-P/11) 2004/2005
22 B Company Statistics I (SECS-S/03) 2004/2005
24 B Balance Evaluation - Budget Evaluation (SECS-P/07) [Cognomi A-K]
[Cognomi L-Z]
25 F
Foreign language: second language:
Available modules Credits Academic year of attendance
French (-) 4 2004/2005
German (-) 4 2004/2005
Spanish Language (-) 4 2004/2005
26 B Balance Structure and Analysis (SECS-P/07) [Cognomi A-K]
[Cognomi L-Z]
27 C Economic Politics - Economic Policy I (SECS-P/02) 2005/2006
28 B Labour and Welfare Law - Labour and Social Security Law (IUS/07) 2005/2006
29 B Economics and Management of the Service Industry - Service Company Economics and Management (SECS-P/08) 2005/2006
30 B Business economics and capital - Economia e capitale d'impresa (SECS-P/07) 2005/2006
31 B Economics and Management in the Business Firms - Economics and Commercial Company Management (SECS-P/08) 2005/2006
32 B Taxation Law I (taxes) (IUS/12) 2005/2006
33 C Company Organization - Organization Studies (SECS-P/10) 2005/2006
34 B Accountancy and Managerial Reporting - Accounting and Managerial Reporting (SECS-P/07) 2005/2006
35 B Planning and Managerial Control - Managerial Planning and Control (SECS-P/07) 2005/2006
36 C Quality Theory and Techniques I - Theory and Quality Techniques I (SECS-P/13) 2005/2006
37 C Seminars/practice/apprenticeships/projects/study in sectors of ENG-INF/05 Information processing systems - Seminars/workshops/training periods/projects/studies (ING-INF/05) [Cognomi A-K]
[Cognomi L-Z]
38 D 12  Activities to be selected at the student's choice  
39 F Further Relational skills, higher computing skills, training, work experience and orientation periods  
40 E Final test  

Legend | Type of training activity (TTA)

The training activities with the same number (Nº) are alternatives.

A Basic activities
B Characterizing activities
C Related or complementary activities

DActivities to be chosen by the student
EFinal examination
FOther activitites

SPlacements in companies, public or private institutions and professional associations

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