Masters in Banking and Insurance Economics (cat. 84/S)

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Programme training activities
The training activities with the same number (Nº) are alternatives.
TTA Year Credits Activity Academic year of attendance
1 C Information systems in brokerage II - Information Systems in Brokerage I (INF/01) 2003/2004
1 C IT systems in financial intermediaries II - Information Systems in Brokerage II (INF/01) 2003/2004
2 A History of economic thought (An introduction to the field of banking and insurance) - History of Economic Thought (Orientation in the banking and insurance field) (SECS-P/04) 2003/2004
3 A Financial market law (advanced) - Financial market law (advanced) I (IUS/05) 2003/2004
3 C Financial Market law (advanced) II (IUS/05) 2003/2004
4 A Taxation law (advanced) - Advanced issues in Business Taxation and Value Added Tax (IUS/12) 2003/2004
5 A Company Finance - Company Finance I (SECS-P/09) 2003/2004
5 B Company Finance II (SECS-P/09) 2003/2004
6 A International financial market economics and techniques - Economics and Financial International Market Techniques I (SECS-P/11) 2003/2004
7 A Economics and international financial markets II - Economics and Financial International Market Techniques II (SECS-P/11) 2003/2004
8 A Banking economics and management (advanced) - Economics and Bank Management (advanced) I (SECS-P/11) 2003/2004
8 B Economics and Bank Management (advanced) II (SECS-P/11) 2003/2004
9 A International Monetary Economics (SECS-P/01) 2003/2004
10 A Insurance Company Economics and Management (advanced) (SECS-P/11) 2003/2004
11 F Other activities  
12 A Asset Management (SECS-P/11) 2004/2005
13 A Brokerage economics (managerial budgeting for industry and the market) - Brokerage Economics (Balance, managerial industry and markets) (SECS-P/11) 2004/2005
14 A Damage Insurance techniques - Techniques of Insurance against Damages (SECS-S/06) 2004/2005
15 A Economic History (Economic credit and development) - Economic History (Credit and economic development) (SECS-P/12) 2004/2005
16 A Personal Insurance Techniques (SECS-S/06) 2004/2005
17 D 12  At the student's choice  
18 F Other activities - 2nd year  
19 E 20  Final test  

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