Self-Harming Trade Policy? Protectionism and Production Networks (A. Barattieri and M. Cacciatore)

Alessandro Barattieri - University of Montreal

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mercoledì 9 febbraio 2022 alle ore 12.00 - In presenza + Zoom Webinar

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Data pubblicazione
22 dicembre 2021

Scienze Economiche  


Using monthly data on temporary trade barriers (TTBs), we estimate the dynamic employment effects of protectionism through vertical production linkages. First, exploiting high-frequency data and TTB procedural details, we identify trade policy shocks exogenous to economic fundamentals. We then use input-output tables to construct measures of protectionism affecting downstream producers. Finally, we estimate panel local projections using the identified trade-policy shocks. Protectionism has small and insignificant beneficial effects in protected industries. The effects in downstream industries are negative, sizable, and significant. The employment decline follows increase in intermediate-input and final goods prices, and a decline in stock market returns.

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