Degree in International Business Studies (Vicenza) (until 2008-2009)

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Marketing (fundamentals) (2006/2007)

Teaching is organised as follows:
Unit Credits Academic sector Period Academic staff
lezione 1 4 SECS-P/08-MANAGEMENT 1° sem lez Paola Signori
lezione 2 1 SECS-P/08-MANAGEMENT 1° sem lez Ivan Russo

Learning outcomes

The course gives an overview of the marketing principles underpinning marketing activities. This will help students in understanding the problems that an organization has to cope with the new market and the stakeholders selling complex products and services.
In this context, students could learn how to develop and implement a marketing plan which has to include both strategic and operatives aspects. The course focuses on strategic issues like market’s analysis, segmentation, positioning, targeting and the relationship between marketing and logistics. The operations, techniques and methods of the marketing management are moreover analysed.


Frontal lessons.

Assessment methods and criteria

The examination consists of a written and oral exam.
For further information see the teacher’s website.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
BORGHESI A. (a cura di) Marketing (fondamenti). Supporti didattici per gli studenti del corso di Marketing (fondamenti) QuiEdit 2005 (tutto)
LAMBIN J.J. Marketing strategico e operativo McGraw-Hill 2004 8838661715 capitoli dall’1 all’8 compresi

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