Degree in International Business Studies (Vicenza) (until 2008-2009)

Degree in International Business Studies (Vicenza) (until 2008-2009)

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Economic Policy (domestic and international) (2009/2010)

Course code
Giovanni Tondini
Academic sector
Language of instruction
Teaching is organised as follows:
Activity Credits Period Academic staff
1 - lezione 7 2nd semester Giovanni Tondini
2 - lezione 3 2nd semester Michela Sironi


Not inserted.

Learning outcomes

Module: 1 - lezione
Lecture 1:
In particular in this part of the course we start from the illustration of the constitutive elements of economic policy to guide the student to understand models and normative analysis.
Then we tackle the reasons for state intervention in the economy and the forms this intervention can take, with focus on the implementation of the economic policies.
The monographic part is focused on a some themes concerning ethics and economics.

Module: 2 - lezione
This part of the course focuses the problems concerning the international organizations and in particular the institutions of European Union and their economic policies


Module: 1 - lezione

The meaning of economic policy
the structure of economic policy's model
the hypothesis of rationality in the economic policy
the ideology and the economic policy

The State intervention and his modalities.
Law and economics
Competences and interventions of allocation bureau, distribution bureau and stabilization bureau
The problems regarding full employment, disinflation and antitrust policies

Ethics and economics

Text books
R.Balducci, G.Candela, A.Scorcu, Introduzione alla politica economica, ed:Zanichelli, Bologna 2005: capitoli 1,7,8,,9,10,11.

G. Tondini: I rapporti tra etica ed economia, ed: Cedam, Padova 2001

Module: 2 - lezione
The policies of International organizations and European Union

Text books:
Natalicchi G. Attinà F.: Unione Europea, ed. Il mulino, Bologna 2007
Brunazzo M. : Come funziona l'Unione Europea ed. Laterza, Bari 2009

Assessment methods and criteria

Module: 1 - lezione
Written exam and possible successive oral exam in support of the written examination

Module: 2 - lezione
Written exam with open questions and possible successive oral exam in support of the written examination.

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