Bachelors' degree in Business Administration and Management

Bachelors' degree in Business Administration and Management

Organization Design and People Management

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Learning outcomes

The course aims to provide students with knowledge about the basic elements and fundamental institutions to understand how the organization works. To this end, the conceptual and operational tools are provided to read and design the organizational structures, and people management systems within organizations. The course also aims to develop the skills of reading and interpreting the different phenomena of the organizational culture of the company. At the end of the lessons, the student must be able to understand the basic concepts of business organization, to know the main categories of organizations as well as to understand the dynamics that govern the organizations themselves. It will also be able to understand how to structure the human resources’ value cycle in order to support the organization’s strategies. In addition, the student will be able to recognize opportunities arising from new technologies that facilitate the development of new business models. With reference to the applied comprehension skills, the student must be able to translate the theoretical concepts presented in the classroom in situations and concrete cases of business organizations.

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